Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From Poetic Asides:  “Today is a Two for Tuesday prompt day. Here they are: Write a science fiction poem.  Write a fantasy poem.”  

I chose the fantasy poem.

in an alternate universe,
you didn’t wait 33 years to tell me
i was
your big high school crush.
no, you were cool
beguiling and clear;
and after different colleges,
before cell phones texting the internet,
hundred of letters postcards later
we found each other,
knowing what we wanted
with the roadmap to get there,
and we put miles on that car
cared for it like something
precious, a baby,
and it grew and grew -
this thing that we created together -
love happiness joy growth
challenge sometimes pain
but in stride with one another because it was
work worthy of care attention tenderness
elbow grease.

on our 35th anniversary we celebrated our lives
surrounded by our families and friends
in the maldives our dream trip
and you asked at breakfast
if i remembered
back in the day
when you said to me
full of fear
unsure what was next:

and i said,
of course, boo.


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Feeling this

April 20, 2012 at 4:41 PM  

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